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Aunty From Hell

The whole world believes American kids are spoilt brats. In this family friendly comedy Aunty From Hell, an American family is visited by an aunt from Nigeria. She was of the world’s opinion that her sister’s kids were spoilt brats and was going to retrain them while mum and dad were on a weekend getaway but the kids also had their plan. 

Our Acting Team

Ademola Akintan

I am Ademola Akintan, a proud father of 3 beautiful “bunchkins” and a husband to a virtuous woman. Entertainment as always been part of me being a cheerful, energetic, and fun loving young man, there is never a dull moment around me. I walk into a room and will light it up before stepping out. Comedy was natural as I was blessed with a good sense humor, always finding humor in every situation. Embracing and owning the stage was not an issue when the time came since I was not born with any gene of timidity. I wrote the movie Aunty From Hell, directed, and produced it. I also played the role of Olu. Some people are looking for opportunities, I just created mine.


Layomi akintan

Layomi Akintan is a talented young girl that played the role of Abby in the movie Aunty From Hell. She is 10 years old and enjoys meeting people and making new friends, a very outspoken young girl with a vibrant spirit. 

“I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends. I love to travel and try new food and I absolutely love to cook as well. My last thing is I really, really, really love to act. I act in my church all the time. I’ve been cast as Mary and as an angel in the past. When my dad told me he was shooting a movie, I found this as an opportunity to have fun and show people the skills I have in acting. My experience in the movie was fantastic as it was the highlight of my summer. I got to meet new people and learnt a great lesson. I never knew actors worked this hard but I had a good time on set. Also this movie has taught me the true nature of being an American raised by a Nigerian parent. Just in case you still did not catch that The Comedy Dr. is my dad and I am very proud of him.”

Juvan Elisma

Hi my name is Juvan Elisma I’m 19 years old and I’ve been passionate about getting myself in the entertainment industry since I was 13 years old and this past year has been great so far, taking classes, doing photo shoots, landing auditions which I’ve learned a lot from. It’s always good to do what you’re most passionate about because it’s pure joy being able to chase after your dreams.
Working on set was amazing and a great experience working with new people we had a lot of room to improvise during the scenes and I felt I was building up my acting skills. I’m grateful for such an opportunity like this, Dee has done a great job with this film, I’ll continue to further my experience as an actor and reach out to others making connections getting better everyday.

Tolulope Talabi-Ogene

Tolulope Talabi-Ogene (aunty Lola) is a finance/accounting professional with a flair for the performing arts. She started her acting career in the church drama group and later worked on several comedy skits alongside her co-actor Demola Akintan. Her adventurous spirit and willingness to try new projects led her to take on the lead role in “Aunty from hell”. She hopes to explore more challenging roles in the future and showcase Nigeria to the world…

Marian Ugwumba

My name is Marian Ugwumba but most people call me May and I am a millennial. I love singing, soccer and I’m a poet. This is my second movie project so far and it was a wonderful experience, getting along with both cast and crews made everything all the more fun. I don’t exactly see myself in the acting industry more of an attorney but if I do get in to the show business then I hope to make a name for myself.


Jenniefer Todd

Jenniefer Todd is a actor in the making. Forever interested in the arts, she enjoys taking acting classes and screenwriting. She has also performed on occasion including a performance in a Virgina Monologues production earlier this year. Always excited for the opportunity to be creative, Jenniefer’s most recent work as Nikky in the short film ‘Aunty From Hell’ is the latest of what she hopes to be many fun adventures to come.

About Us

Comedy dr production is an entertainment company currently based in Massachusetts dedicated to providing contents rich in humor, drama, suspense and much more. Our goal is to offer viewers content that worth their time and meet their entertainment needs through movies and other forms of entertainment. We are also dedicated to discovering and grooming new talents bringing your acting dreams to life as we cast strong, dedicated, and impressing raw talents in our productions.

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